Dog stung to death by bees in California

Dog stung to death by bees in California

A swarm of bees killed a dog in North Hollywood, California on Saturday.

The attack happened when a tree on a residential street was being cut down and there was a beehive inside the tree.

CBS Los Angeles reports that the bees became agitated and attacked the five-year-old female pit bull named Babe.

Exterminator Mason Denny warned: "Don't provoke the bees, don't throw anything at them. Common sense you know."

The Daily Mail reports that firefighters were called to the scene and used a mixture of foam and water to kill the bees.

The man who agitated the insects was able to escape with a few bee stings.

Dog Babe was taken to a local clinic, where she died.

This is not the only major bee attack in California this year. Earlier in the month a 10-year-old Australian Shepherd was killed near Modesto.

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