Investigation launched after man dies after falling from moving train

Man dies after falling from moving Brighton to London train

Commuters have expressed concern about the safety of the trains they use daily after a 32-year-old man died after falling from a Southern Railways Brighton to London train, and then being hit by a train travelling in the opposite direction.

The Daily Mail names the man as Alex Smith, 32, from Brighton. British Transport Police are investigating the incident, which occurred on the 11.19am service on Monday, March 11.

Mr Smith boarded the train at Brighton and other passengers saw him open the doors and fall or jump out of the train just before it reached Horley Station, near Gatwick. British Transport Police are treating his death as 'non suspicious'.

One passenger, David Owen, who was on the train, told the Daily Mail: "I did not see this myself but several other responsible-seeming passengers travelling on the train said that they saw a young man pull open the doors and fall or jump out of the train just before it reached Horley station.

"This apparently occurred while the train was moving, and many of the stranded passengers I spoke with expressed astonishment that this is possible.

"The death of this young man is tragic, but the 'story', I would suggest lies in the question of how and why it was possible for him to open the doors of the train while it was in motion."

A Southern spokesman said: "The train has been fully tested following the incident and the doors were found to be working as they should."

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