VIDEO: Nascar racer Jeff Gordon terrifies salesman in test drive prank

Nascar racer Jeff Gordon terrifies salesman in test drive prank

It's every car dealer's worst nightmare. A customer who takes them on a reckless, out-of-control test drive in a far-too-powerful sports car. Only in this case, the salesman needn't have worried. He was acting all along.

In the viral advert for Pepsi Max, NASCAR racer Jeff Gordon is disguised as an old, indecisive minivan driver, complete with a fake beard and age spots.
He is invited to test-drive the powerful Chevrolet Camaro, with the salesman sat happily in the passenger seat.

Jeff then stamps on the throttle and whips the Camaro into a series of stunts, spins and stunts, with the terrified salesman alongside.

Once out the car, Jeff calms the angry car dealer by revealing it was a prank all along.

But was it? All might not have been as it appears, with several mistakes pointing to the fact that the 'prank' was in fact staged.

Eagled-eyed viewers were soon pointing out the car was the wrong model year and had the wrong interior.

There was also evidence of tyre marks already laid down as each stunt was repeated over several takes.

The salesman is an actor, and Jeff Gordon doesn't even do the driving – instead stunt driver Brad Noffsinger hopped into the seat to perform the drifts and donuts.

The video has already received over 16million views on YouTube and pictures of the startled 'salesman' have appeared on news sites around the world.

Perhaps for Pepsi all publicity is good publicity.

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