Auto Trader's most expensive cars

Autotrader's most expensive cars

Buying a new car can take far too much time – the beauty of buying used is that there is no waiting list, no time wasted agonising over the specification. You can just find a car that's suitable and dive straight in.

So these are the sort of cars you might go for if you had unlimited funds and needed something rapid and luxurious immediately. The sort of situation that only a successful diamond heist or a win on the lottery might provide.
Well for those people, here is the top 10 most expensive cars on currently on the Auto Trader site.

Warning: perusing these images may lead to feelings of intense jealousy and the need to suddenly empty the contents of your savings.

Ten most expensive cars on Autotrader
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Auto Trader's most expensive cars

Price: £330,000

The legendary F40 mixed a twin-turbo V8 with extreme styling straight from the race track. A car that was probably on every boys bedroom wall in the 80’s.

Price: £345,000

Porsche answer to the Ferrari Enzo, this screaming V10 hypercar represents good value for money these days. Well, compared to some on this list.

Price £349,500

The ultimate in British luxury, the Phantom has a 6.75-litre V12 – but its so quiet you’d never know it. This one is the extended wheelbase version and has covered 2,700 miles.

Price: £380,000

From renowned German tuning house Brabus, the 230mph Rocket has 800bhp. It’s an ungodly fast monster and this one’s specification is claimed to be a one-off.

Price: £429,000

We thought this might be a typing error, but this heavily modified Mercedes G-Class SUV comes with the same 800bhp twin-turbo V12 as the Brabus 80 Rocket, but this time with the aerodynamics of a house brick.

Price: £775,000

The Bugatti Veyron is still the performance yardstick all hypercars are measured against – but even if some can now beat it, none do it with such luxury. This Veyron, worth over a million pounds when new, has cost the previous owner around £300,000 in depreciation alone.

Price: £900,000

For not much less than the price of its new Ferrari La Ferrari replacement, this black Enzo is believed to be the last delivered into the UK from new. Its 6.0-litre V12 has covered only 2,000 miles.

Price: £1,040,000

This bare-carbon beauty is said to be the last unregistered Pagani Zonda F in the world. Offers invited above 1.2million euros + VAT

Price: £1,100,000

The Maybach 62 Landaulet is the car that revived the open-topped luxury once adored by dictators the world over. £1.1million buys you a 2012 model with only delivery miles on the clock.

Price: £1,250,000

The most expensive car on Autotrader as of March 15th 2013. The Ferrari 365 GTS/4 is a V12 classic from the era when playboys would drive down to Monaco with glamorous company and the sun on their back. This one is said to be the 75th of only 122 produced.

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