Stars who are barred: Celebs behaving badly in hotels

Honestly. What is it about celebrities and hotel rooms? Show them a swanky suite and they just can't resist doing something inexplicably and bizarrely naughty. So naughty, in fact that they've become rather adept at getting themselves barred from ever setting in foot some of the world's most famous establishments.

It all started back in the sixties when Keith Moon, the then drummer of the The Who, checked into a Holiday Inn in Michigan and embarked on a night of revelry during which he caused thousands of dollars worth of damage (he even drove a car into the hotel pool). Unsurprisingly, he was subsequently banned... and the rest is rock and roll history.

It seems the stars are still at it more than 40 years later. From "forgetting" to pay bills to trashing hotel rooms, appalling table manners to downright debauchery, modern celebs have done it all.

Have a look at our rogues' gallery of banned celebrities and their antics below.


Of couse, celebs don't just behave badly in hotels, either. Some are just as good at causing mayhem while travelling - particularly when they're 35,000ft in the air. Look at this lot: