Licence to spill: Barbie takes out Bond

Licence to spill: Barbie takes out Bond

A £180,000 Aston Martin DBS was written-off while parked in a petrol station when a bright pink hatchback swerved off the road and smashed into it.

The owner of the V12 supercar, also used by James Bond, was shaken not stirred as he leapt out of the way to avoid injury.> The driver of the out-of-control Barbie mobile, Natasha Gregory, apologised on Facebook after the crash in Swindon.

She wrote "I don't really care what's said, I feel like a total d*** head and am gutted and so sorry to the other driver was not his fault at all and he never tried to kill me."

Miss Gregory, complete with matching pink hair, claimed she had clipped a kerb, breaking the steering on the bright pink runabout.

Licence to spill: Barbie takes out Bond

Onlookers were horrified as the pink Vauxhall crossed a traffic island, flying across oncoming traffic and narrowly slipping between a pair of road signs to finally bump across the pavement into the side of the 190mph Aston.

However there was a lucky escape as the British sports car was shunted into the petrol pump. Staff at the petrol station reported a strong smell of petrol fumes and called emergency services before it was declared safe to reopen.

The owner of the Aston Martin told the Swindon Advertiser "My car will be a write off."

There was significant damage to the side of the Aston Martin DBS, which is powered by a 510bhp 6-litre V12 and has featured as 007's car in both Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace.
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