Motorists: Cut royal family to pay for potholes

'Cut royal family to pay for potholes'

As the AA reveals the state of Britain's roads is getting worse, a survey has shown that nearly half of motorists think the country should cut the support for the royal family to pay for repairs.

In the AA poll a third of the 23,000 drivers rated the condition of their local roads as poor, very poor or terrible.
The still growing repair backlog is now estimated at £10.5bn, with councils classifying 20 per cent of roads around the country as only having five years of less life remaining.

The government said it has given councils over £3bn to maintain roads.

Responding to the AA survey, Autoglass also polled customers, with 80 per cent saying repairing the roads was the top priority for the national road budget.

Nearly half of the frustrated motorists polled by Autoglass said they would prefer to see State support for the Royal Family trimmed if the money could be diverted to fixing the crumbling road network. Some 39 per cent also called for the foreign aid budget to be cut to tackle the problem.

The AA found the problem also affects pavements, with the region of Yorkshire-Humberside having on average 8.9 potholes for every mile of pavement.

"Falls on pavements can cause major injuries, especially to older people who are more likely to be hurt," said an AA spokesman.

The survey defines a pothole as being at least 2in deep with a diameter of at least 6in, and claim they have been made worse over the past 12 months by freezing weather and torrential rain.
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