A third of Brits are driving on empty

A third of Brits are driving on empty

A new survey has revealed that a third of Brits (34%) admit to driving with next to no fuel in the tank as they only top up "as much as they can afford".

The research polled 1,244 drivers about their fuel-filling habits and the average amount spent on re-fuelling came out at just £30 per week.
Only 9% of respondents said they filled their cars to the brim, compared to 23% admitting they just top up and a staggering 34% revealing they add whatever they can afford.

The survey also asked: "When looking to fill up, do you wait for the fuel tank to empty before doing so?" 41% admitted to waiting until it was at the very least "close to". And 31% said that they "waited for the light to come on".

George Charles of the company VoucherCodesPro.co.uk, who conducted the survey, said: "Fuel is a real drain on people's finances. If anything I'm surprised that the results of our survey suggest the average monthly spend is only £120. I'm sure many of us regard that as cheap!"

The survey comes after news broke that over 800,000 homes in the UK are hit by fuel poverty, a situation where many poor families have to sacrifice food and treats in order to run their car.

A survey by the RAC revealed that of the £167 poor families spend a week on average, £44 went on running a vehicle.

Many are calling for the government to freeze or drop the proposed fuel duty that could price many motorists off the road completely.
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