Video: Adorable sea lion pup goes for a ride on diver's kayak

Ruth Doherty

Rick Coleman had just finished a night dive in California when he returned to his kayak to find the cutest stow away ever - a sea lion pup.

He caught the whole encounter on his GoPro camera, which shows how he doesn't get rid of the sea lion that easily. After trying to shoo it off the boat with his paddle, the pup swims right round and jumps straight back on.

So, concerned it might be sick or perhaps had suffered an attack by a shark, he paddles back to shore, and the pup stays with him for the entire journey.

Rick uploaded the video of the super-cute stow away to YouTube and wrote: "At the end of a night dive I had quite the surprise when a very cute baby sea lion jumped on my kayak. Was the sea lion pup escaping a shark in the area? Was he cold? Or was he just playing around? In any case, it looks like I now have a new kayaking buddy. Filmed with GoPro HD Hero2 and GoPro dive housing."

Rick continued: "I was concerned the pup might be sick. After a call to Harbour Patrol dispatch, we reached a gentleman affiliated with Animal Rescue.

"Pups often get cold since they don't have much body fat. My kayak buddy may have simply been seeking a place to warm up.

"After about 45 minutes ashore, presumably now warm, the pup swam away."

He added: "A very special experience I won't soon forget."

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