Disneyland Paris extends its 20th anniversary celebrations

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Join the party! Disneyland Paris extend their 20th anniversary celebrations
Join the party! Disneyland Paris extend their 20th anniversary celebrations

Disneyland Paris is extending its 20th Anniversary celebrations, giving you even more reasons than ever before to make the most of this extraordinary event.

Until September 30th 2013, the park will be pulling out all the stops, with a host of new shows and parades, including an amazing illuminations spectacular at the Sleeping Beauty Castle, as well as the chance to meet Mickey Mouse backstage.

Join the party! Disneyland Paris extend their 20th anniversary celebrations
Join the party! Disneyland Paris extend their 20th anniversary celebrations

More sparkling lights and fairy dust than ever before will be showered across the park, and new costumes, colours, features and surprises will make this an explosion of a party you simply can't miss.

Need more reasons to go to the party of the year? Don't worry, we've got 20...

1Be wowed by the night time show
Disney Dreams is the unmissable night time spectacular show, which will take place at the majestic Sleeping Beauty Castle. Follow Peter Pan's adventure as he weaves his way between timeless Disney stories, dashing through incredible lasers and fantastic fountains. The show features castle projections, water screens, firework displays and laser effects and will also use 30-foot high water screens in the moats in front of the castle that will serve as giant canvases for Disney animated scenes set to music.

Join the party! Disneyland Paris extends its 20th anniversary celebrations
Join the party! Disneyland Paris extends its 20th anniversary celebrations

2Discover the Disney Magic on the Parade Carnival
Disney Magic on Parade casts Disney Characters in a fantastic carnival especially for the 20th anniversary. Flying out from their unforgettable stories trailing light, colour, music and magic, they glide through the park's party atmosphere, before Mickey and friends shine in a spectacular finale. There will be new costumes, floats, music and choreography together with a theme of light and colour for the anniversary celebration.

3Sing along to the new 20th Anniversary Parade Anthem
Magic Everywhere is the theme tune for the Disney Magic on Parade, which was created to celebrate the park's 20th birthday. Making reference to "celebrating 20 years of joy and laughter", there's all the ingredients you need from a Disney tune, including references to storybooks, as well as twinkly 'pixie dust' sounds.

Join the party! Disneyland Paris extend their 20th anniversary celebrations
Join the party! Disneyland Paris extend their 20th anniversary celebrations

4Meet Mickey Mouse backstage
Everybody's favourite mouse is taking time out and welcomes you to meet him backstage in the rehearsal room of his theatre in Fantasyland. On your way to the stage door, enjoy a tour of the ornate music hall and laugh along with some classic short films featuring Mickey and his friends. Once backstage, you'll be invited to join Mickey for a special audience with the star himself who'll share some of his favourite props and costumes and pose for a special photo souvenir with you and your family.

5Enjoy the party for longer
The 20th Anniversary Extended Hours mean more time to enjoy the magic, lights and colours for the 20th Anniversary at Disneyland Paris

6 Take in the 20th anniversary costumesYour favourite characters, like Donald Duck, Goofy, Mickey and Minnie Mouse, will be wearing their 20th birthday 'Sorcerer's Apprentice' outfits for you to marvel over.

7 See the park's magical makeover

To celebrate the 20th Anniversary, Disneyland Park will be showered with sparkling lights and fairy dust, making the experience more magical than ever.

8 Take part in the 20th Anniversary Daytime Hub Celebration
The whole family can enjoy a wonderful new show that takes place on the stage (the Hub) in front of the castle.

9 Let the Main Street USA celebrations dazzle you
Excitement is in the air, as one of the most famous streets in the world celebrates the 20th Anniversary, and welcomes you to this unique celebration of magic, lights and colours with even more twinkles and memorable glowings‐on than ever before.

10 Fall in love with old-fashioned romance
Paris is already known for its links with romance, but there's nothing like the childhood romance of celebrating the birthplace of fairytales.

11 Visit Paris' most popular attraction
Disneyland Paris is now officially the most popular tourist attraction in the Paris region, overtaking the iconic Eiffel Tower.

12 Be a kid again
It's the one place in the world where age is just a number - it doesn't matter whether you're 4 or 40, it will bring out the magic of childhood for anyone and everyone.

13 Make the most of birthday offers
Disneyland® Paris are promoting brilliant offers in conjunction with the park's 20th birthday, save up to 30% on your hotel and tickets and for a limited time, kids under 12 go for free. www.disneylandparis.com. *Offer available till March 28th 2013*

14 See the celebration train
Throughout the day, the festive Birthday Train will be pulling in to Disneyland Park's Central Plaza. It's bringing the all-time Disney favourites like Minnie, Chip and Dale, Donald, Daisy and Pluto to Sleeping Beauty Castle, where they'll take their places to meet with their fans and friends!

15 Get there in one morning
One minute you can be having breakfast at home, and the next? Lunch at Disneyland Paris! From London St Pancras it's just a 2 hour, 45 minute journey directly to Disneyland Paris Marne-la-Vallée/Chessy station, which is literally at the gates of the Parks.

16 Shop at the brand new World of Disney store
World of Disney will be the flagship store of Disney Village and the whole resort when it opens in 2012. Sitting right at the heart of Disneyland Paris between the two parks, it will stock every Disney item you can dream of. Based on similar stores at the Downtown Disney areas in Florida and California, it will be only the third store under this exclusive brand and is expected to completely replace the existing Disney Store in Disney Village.

17 Disney Princesses: A Royal Invitation
The Disney Princesses will be welcoming guests in a brand-new location. Located next to the "it's a small world" attraction, this meet 'n' great opportunity is dedicated to Disney's great heroines and is simply brimming with magic. Every day, one of the Disney Princesses invites visitors to an enchanted rendezvous, so make sure you take them up on the opportunity to strike your own royal pose with them.

18 Snap up 20th Anniversary items
There are set to be some fabulous 'retro-vintage' 20th anniversary merchandise pieces going on sale, which will make wonderful keepsakes for any Disney fan.

19 Sip on 20th birthday drinks
As well as a range of birthday merchandise, there'll be a special Disneyland Paris 20th Anniversary wine by Domaine Bertrand. It will be available in a commemorative bottle as red, white or rosé, perfect for displaying - or drinking.

20 Enter through golden arches
For the 20th Anniversary, the entire front façade of the station, the beautiful stone edifice which greets you as you take your first steps into Disneyland Park, will turn a dazzling gold. There's nothing like starting as you mean to go on...