Climber captures his 100ft mountain fall on camera

Climber captures his 100ft mountain fall on camera

A climber's helmet camera captured the moment when he fell 100ft while climbing at Parsley Fern Gulley, Cwn Glas in Snowdonia - and filmed his entire 30 second fall down the mountain.

The Daily Mail reports that Mark Roberts was scaling the gully on February 24, when a block of ice fell from above, causing him to lose his grip.

The footage shows him approaching the summit before he slips, hits rocks and flips over as he falls, finally coming to rest on a ledge.

Climber captures his 100ft mountain fall on camera

Fortunately Mark sustained only minor injuries and was rescued by the Llanberis Mountain rescue team within 30 minutes. He was airlifted by an RAF search and rescue team and treated for a broken ankle and bruises.

The British Mountaineering Council's Elfyn Jones, who was part of the rescue team, told The Next Web: "I think the key message here is that accidents do happen, but that Mark was well equipped, wearing a helmet, and that probably saved his life."

Click on the image below to see footage of the fall...

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