Pothole damage three times more likely in the North

Pothole damage three times more likely in the North

Drive in Scotland and the North of England and you are three times as likely to damage your car thanks to poorly maintained roads, according to Warranty Direct.

The warranty specialist has created the website Potholes.co.uk to combat the problem of poor roads and their latest research saw 50,000 live consumer policies analysed over four years.
The research found that the 10 regions of the UK in which suspension failure is most prevalent are all to the north of the UK, with North Yorkshire being the furthest south.

One in 10 motorists in the Angus region of Scotland will get an unwanted garage bill for suspension repairs this year, compared with just 3.2% in East Sussex, where you are least likely to suffer pothole damage.

With an average repair cost of £257, axle and suspension faults are the most common suffered by British motorists, the reason for one in five visits to a workshop every year.

Duncan McClure Fisher, managing director of Warranty Direct, said: "It isn't just the catastrophic suspension failures that potholes can cause that are the problem. Continued driving over potholes or other uneven road obstacles, like speed humps, gives your car's suspension a regular pounding and the cumulative damage this causes will eventually result in a breakage.

"With so much of our road network resembling Swiss cheese, it's almost impossible to avoid. This is especially true of places, like Scotland, which have a high concentration of rural roads, as these get less attention from local authorities than major highways."

Seven of the 10 UK regions worst affected by bad roads are in Scotland, with the top 20 dominated by northern counties.

Meanwhile, the best places to avoid pothole perils are mostly in the South, with Somerset, Devon, Dorset and Hampshire all among the safest regions.
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