Snow, sleet and freezing temps set for the weekend

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Snow, sleet and freezing temps set for the weekend
Snow, sleet and freezing temps set for the weekend

The recent burst of spring is set to be a distant memory as this weekend brings snow, sleet and freezing temperatures thanks to a cold front moving in from Scandinavia.

Southern, eastern and central England could see snow this weekend, while temperatures could feel as cold as -8C due to freezing 40mph winds.

Met Office spokeswoman Sarah Holland told Aol Travel: "We've had some very mild conditions this week with welcome sunshine pushing temperatures into the high teens. However, in a classic spring swing, colder weather is on the way as we head into the weekend.

"By Saturday, we will see a return of easterly winds which will bring in much colder air from Scandinavia and Eastern Europe. Snow is expected across some eastern parts of the country over the weekend. By the start of next week, most of the UK will see daytime highs in low single figures with some frosty and icy nights.

So is this unusual for March? Sarah says no: "Statistics show that snow is more likely in March than around Christmas. As we know, heat from the sun increases as we head towards summer and this can lead to some interesting weather in March.

"With more heat from the sun the ground warms up more quickly and gives very unstable air, which can lead to a greater number of showers. Warmer air also holds more moisture so showers can give heavier rainfall. If this combines with cold air we can potentially see some heavy snowfall.

"However, easterly winds tend to be dry and so substantial snow fall is not expected over the next week."

She added: "The latest forecasts and warnings can be found online, through our mobile apps and through TV and radio broadcasts."

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