Clarkson and friends clash with paparazzi in Australia

Clarkson vows to 'never go back to Australia'

It seems that Jeremy Clarkson is able to cause controversy even when he is relaxing in the sun as a recent trip to Australia resulted is a spat with paparazzi.

According to the Daily Mail, the Top Gear host allegedly flew into a rage when paparazzi hounded him at the Otto restaurant on the Woolloomoolloo wharf.
Australian news channel also reported that Clarkson was 'seething' after he spotted the photographers on arriving at the restaurant with his party of 10, which included former mistress Phillipa Sage.

The party had arrived at a wharf near the restaurant - which is popular with Australia's celebrity set - after travelling across Sydney harbour in a water taxi.

Clarkson allegedly turned to one of his party and asked: "How did they know". "Someone at the restaurant's told them," he added with a raised voice.

Then the Top Gear presenter quipped: "You can take them out of England, but you just can't take the convict out of them."

Clarkson then approached celebrity photographer Jamie Fawcett, put his nose close to the photographer's and said: "I write for The Sun. We work for the same company. Why are you doing this?"

Fawcett replied: "News Limited sacked me years ago."

The fracas appeared to settle down as Clarkson made peace with snapper Fawcett, saying: "He is all right". But then he singled out another photographer and said: "That bald-headed bloke, I was getting ready to throw him in the river."

Clarkson was in Australia to film segments for a Top Gear motoring festival at Sydney's Eastern Creek racetrack. He was later joined by co-presenter James May.

Watch the video below and witness Jeremy getting a little hot under the collar

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