Video: Embarrassed Koenigsegg owner locks keys inside supercar

Video: Embarrassed Koenigsegg owner locks keys inside supercar

We have all been there, that horrifying pang of dread as realisation sets in that the keys are in fact locked inside the car.

Rewind a couple of decades and the issue wasn't so daunting as most cars could easily be broken into with a coat hanger, tennis ball or credit card but improvements in modern car safety now usually result in a large bill for the most common of mishaps.
But spare a thought for the man in this bright orange Koenigsegg CCR who found out exactly what it feels like to have a whole group of onlookers collectively thinking "what a plonker".

Despite the car costing a few million pounds, it seems the only things required to rescue a set of stranded keys from a Swedish supercar is a good old-fashioned piece of metal wire, manual dexterity and a whole heap of patience.

This method worked for the unlucky Koenigsegg owner and as an added bonus we get to hear the awe-inspiring motor fired up and accelerate off into the distance.

Watch the video below and spare a thought for the hapless owner... or cackle at the man's embarrassing but utterly deserved misfortune. Jealous? Us? No way.

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