Secret stowaway: Pet cat survives six-hour plane journey in suitcase

A pet cat who curled up and went to sleep in her owner's suitcase has made a 3,400 mile plane journey fromEgypt to England completely undetected. Scroll down for video.

Mervat Ciuti, who lives in Egypt, thought she had left her beloved Persian cat Bisou with relatives in Cairo while she visited her sister in Nottingham.

When it became clear that seven-year-old Bisou was missing, her relatives and rang her as she was driving up the M1 in a taxi to Nottingham, reports the Daily Mirror.

The driver stopped the car and offered to search the case.

Monica explained: "He said 'don't look' as he opened the bag. But Bisou was alive. We just couldn't believe it," she told the newspaper.

The cat had spent the journey in the hold of the packed plane to Heathrow along with hundreds of other bags.

She is being kept in quarantine at kennels in Chesterfield until she can be shipped back to Egypt in the summer.

Speaking in the Mirror, kennels boss Mike Binks said it was a "miracle" the animal had survived the six-hour flight.

He added: "She would have been well insulated with all the bags around her and she's very furry."

Mark Hughes, of Notts county council which arranged the quarantine, said: "We've had cats coming into the UK in cargo ship containers – but never in a suitcase."

Bisou isn't the first cat to survive a plane journey undetected.

In September 2012, US citizen Ethel Maze kitten Bob-Bob took a flight from Ohio to Disney World Florida in her luggage.

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