Iron Man ends love affair with Honda NSX

Iron Man ends love affair with Honda NSX

Audi has the Iron Man franchise (among other things) to thank for the success of its awesome R8 supercar.

As soon as a sharp-suited Tony Stark clambered into his convertible R8 in Iron Man 2, it was clear sales to wannabe superheroes were about to rocket.
So it came as a shock to many fans when the same character could be seen behind the wheel of an Acura (Honda to you and me) NSX during filming of the 2012 blockbuster The Avengers.

But Audi and Iron Man fanboys can rejoice as it is official that a certain Mr Stark will end his brief love affair with Honda's upcoming supercar and climb into his spiritual ride - an e-tron iteration of the Audi R8 - in the latest film.

The second trailer for Iron Man 3 clearly shows the lead character driving a futuristic e-tron version of the R8. The car can be distinguished by new LED light clusters, defined slits in the front grille and a large scoop in the bonnet.

There is no word on performance figures or the powertrain of the Iron Man R8 e-tron but Audi has previously been spied testing a model that is propelled by four independent electric motors powering each wheel.

Experts claim overall performance is just 313bhp – over 100bhp down on the regular version – but Audi have said that the e-tron can still hit 62mph from a standstill in just 4.8 seconds.

But knowing Tony Stark as we do, we wouldn't be surprised if the entrepreneur and accomplished mechanic hasn't made a few tweaks of his own.

Watch the trailer below and see the R8 e-tron in action

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