Supercar sensation! Ferrari takes wraps off 900bhp LaFerrari

Supercar sensation! Ferrari takes wraps off 900bhp LaFerrari

The war on speed is about to hot up as Ferrari reveals its Enzo-replacing LaFerrari, a 6.3 litre V12 monster that will battle McLaren's P1 head-on.

The car will cost in excess of £1 million but for that money, well-heeled customers will be able to rocket to 186mph from standstill in the time it takes most modern hatchbacks to wheeze their way 60mph.
The name says it all, as the latest dribble-inducing model to roll off the production line at Maranello is said to be "the Ferrari", a car that encompasses everything the Italian firm stands for.

As well as the aforementioned naturally-aspirated V12, the LaFerrari also packs a pair of electronic motors that work in harmony with the combustion engine to deliver optimum performance.

The batteries are also mated to an F1-inspired KERS system to make the most of regenerative braking forces.

The performance figures are simply staggering, with the LaFerrari able to complete the 0-60mph sprint in around 3 seconds and go on to tickle the 218mph top speed mark.

It will be difficult not to mention McLaren's P1 in the same conversation as it too boasts battery technology and very similar performance figures. However, the McLaren will be able to run on an 'electricity-only' mode, possibly trumping the Ferrari in economical terms.

Ferrari has said that only 499 cars will be produced and the majority of those have already been allocated to keen customers.

There is no word on a delivery date but petrolheads across the globe are bracing themselves for the first McLaren vs Ferrari encounter.

Watch the video below and listen to the howl of the Ferrari's astonishing V12 engine

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