Brits double Father's Day spending for Mother's Day gifts

Given everything they do for us throughout our lives, it is little wonder that most Brits show a little appreciation for their mum with a gift on Mother's Day. But a new survey has revealed we're a little less concerned about showing dad how much we care.

Brits spend twice as much on Mother's Day gifts
Brits spend twice as much on Mother's Day gifts

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A poll by revealed that the average child spends twice as much on a Mother's Day present than they do come Father's Day.

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The research found that on average we Brits spend £27.37 on cards and treats for mum, while fathers warrant a spending total of just £14.45. Worse still, the kids are twice as likely to forget Father's Day altogether.

According to the survey, more than one in 10 confessed to forgetting to send a card on dad's big day, while only one in 20 forgot about mum.

A spokesman for told the Daily Mail: "Despite the recession it seems people still want to make a gesture to their mum and dad whenever Mother's Day and Father's Day come round.

"But when it comes to stumping up the cash, it seems we are prepared to pay a little bit extra for our mum."
The spokesman cited the high price of fresh flowers as one reason that Mother's Day might prove a little costlier, but added: "But it may also be that as a nation we feel Mother's Day is a much needed chance to thank our mums for all their hard work and support throughout the year.

"It's our chance to spoil them."

What do you think? Are you more likely to splash the cash on mum or dad, and why? Leave your comments below...