Geneva news: Lamborghini unveils aggressive new Veneno

Geneva news: Lamborghini unveils aggressive new Veneno

The over-sized front splitter, mammoth rear wing and garish flashes of red give the new Lamborghini Veneno the appearance of an Aventador with an eye-catching body kit bolted on and upon first glance, that's essentially what it is.

But delve deeper and you'll soon find that the body of the Veneno is fashioned entirely from carbonfibre-reinforced polymer, keeping overall weight down and allowing designers to create an even more aerodynamic shape.
The ferocious 6.5-litre V12 engine from the Aventador has been tweaked to produce an extra 50bhp, taking power all the way up to 740bhp. The engine also benefits from enlarged air intakes, a higher rev limit and an exhaust system with a lower back pressure, while the automated manual gearbox, all-wheel drive system and suspension have all been altered to cope with the spike in performance.

The angular exterior design isn't just for show either, as the pointy front end acts as a giant wing, increasing downforce to press the car into the road at higher speeds. The massive rear wing is adjustable to allow for different levels of traction, while the front wheel arches house 20-inch rims, whereas the rear arches house 21-inch alloys for improved handling.

Lamborghini says all these features have led to the creation of a "street-legal racing car" but those wanting to attempt near-F1 speeds on their local stretch of B-road will be disappointed as all three units produced have already been sold.

The Italian firm claims that each model sold for €3million plus taxes, taking the total to around £2.7million. You could get three used Bugatti Veyrons for that.

Lamborghini Veneno
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Geneva news: Lamborghini unveils aggressive new Veneno
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