Dumb trucker creates new meaning for the term 'pile up'

Dumb trucker creates new meaning for the term 'pile up'

A 47-year-old Polish driver was stopped in Krefeld, Germany recently after police noticed the cargo on the back of his lorry was slightly, er, wobbly.

The driver had decided to stack a Volkswagen lorry on top of a flatbed truck that was precariously balanced on his Iveco transporter. The cherry on the metallic cake was a final Mercedes C-Class perched atop the Volkswagen flatbed.
According to The Sun, the perilous cargo was transported around 660 miles before police decided to pull the driver over and question his rather skewed judgement. The driver was heading to Belgium when he was stopped in Germany.

A cop said: "This tower contradicted all road traffic legislation."

The load didn't appear to be strapped down as it trundled through various European villages with the cargo allowed to bounce around the overburdened Iveco flatbed.

The hapless driver isn't the first to cause a stir with wayward cargo as news broke last week that a truck laden with Heinz Ketchup managed to spill its load all over a highway in Reno.

The road had to be closed for hours while snowploughs were called in to scrape the bright red debris from the Tarmac.

A local police officer described the scene as "like something out of a horror film."
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