Would you book a trip on Titanic II?

Ceri Roberts
Would you book a trip on Titanic II?
Would you book a trip on Titanic II?

Australian businessman Professor Clive Palmer has unveiled plans to build a modern-day replica of the Titanic - and he believes that it will be ready to set sail in 2016.

On Friday, Professor Palmer arrived in London's Ritz Hotel to discuss his grand plans to build a replica of the doomed ocean liner which sank on its maiden voyage in April 1912, killing 1,502 passengers and crew.

The Daily Mail reports that Professer Palmer said: "This is not a fantasy, this is not a movie. This is going to happen."

Titanic II will have the same interiors as the original, and even the same onboard gymnasium, complete with Edwardian-style exercise machines. Passengers will even be issued with a wardrobe of period clothing.

The grand staircase, swimming pool and Turkish baths will also be recreated - but there will be a safety deck, complete with more lifeboats, a new high-tech engine, air conditioning and lifts.

The Express reports that Professor Palmer wants to give passengers a chance to return to a "simpler" way of life - so there will be no internet onboard and Twitter, Facebook and emails will be banned.

He explains: "In 1912 things were simpler. It will be a chance for people to return to a different age, when there was a whole different social fabric. It's no bad thing to take some time with your family and friends."

His company, Blue Star Line, have tentatively agreed a deal with China's Jinling Shipyard to build Titanic II to the original design, but with modern safety features.

Around 40,000 people have already expressed an interest in booking one of 835 first, second or third class cabins for the voyage in late 2016. Prices have not been set, but Professor Palmer says he has already had offers from 16 people of between £500,000 and £850,000 for berths.

He told the Daily Mail: "That's not the sort of figure we'll be asking but it shows the demand."

But would you buy tickets - or is Titanic II an exercise in bad taste?

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