Butlin's recruits Eastern European staff rather than Brits

Butlins recruits Eastern European staff rather than Brits

New reports suggest that Butlin's is advertising for minimum-wage staff in Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Lithuania, Latvia and Slovakia, instead of recruiting unemployed locals.

Investigators from the Sunday Mirror were told by one Polish recruitment agency: "They tell us how many people they want to employ and we do the job and find them. There are lots of jobs to be had."

Another recruitment agency based in Budapest, which is recruiting for the Minehead and Bognor Regis resorts, told The Mirror: "Butlin's has hundreds of Hungarian workers who we put there. Now we are looking for more."

Butlin's celebrates its 77th birthday this year and, according to The Mirror, employs around 3,700 workers at its three UK camps. But local residents are upset that they are being passed over for jobs which are being outsourced to Eastern European workers.

However, Butlin's insists that this isn't the case. A Butlin's spokesperson told The Mirror: "We have been recruiting staff, both permanent and seasonal, from the UK and abroad for many years. Butlin's is one of the largest employers of locals in the areas in which we operate our resorts. We have long-standing arrangements with local colleges, universities, business organisations and Job Centres offering employment, including apprenticeships in various trades."

The Butlin's website currently lists nine available jobs, ranging from lifeguards and nursery nurse positions to electricians, all of which are offered on a seasonal basis.

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Butlin's recruits Eastern European staff rather than Brits

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