Truck crashes in Reno, spilling ketchup all over road

Truck crashes in Reno, spilling ketchup all over road

The Reno Gazzette-Journal reported on Thursday that westbound traffic on Interstate 80 was backed up after a truck spilt its cargo all over the road.

The Nevada Department of Transportation had to call in snowploughs to remove the thousands of bottles of Heinz ketchup that had smashed all over the road surface.
"I have red everywhere on the highway," said Sgt. Janay Sherven with the Nevada Highway Patrol. "No bodies, no people, just ketchup."

There were no injuries in the accident, which happened when the driver of the semi-articulated truck likely overcorrected to avoid another car while traveling eastbound, she said.

The truck hit the centre median and then knocked over a light pole that slashed open the left side of the trailer.

As a result, thousands of bottles of ketchup were splattered onto the road. '"The scene looked pretty bad as far as colour goes," Sherven said.

She later compared the scene to something out of a horror movie.

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