Video: Russian car gets airborne on public road

Video: Russian car gets airborne on public road

The rise of the dashcam has led to many fascinating road traffic incidents circulating the Internet but for some reason, most of them originate from Russia.

The video below is no exception, and it clearly shows the moment a car travelling at high speed hit a dirt mound on the side of the road, sending it soaring through the air.
The occupants of the car that captured the film can be heard gasping in shock as other witnesses scurry across the road to rush to the stricken driver's aid.

It is not known whether the driver and/or passengers of the airborne vehicle were injured during the accident.

The dashcam has gained popularity in Russia where the percentage of traffic-related deaths far outweighs many other developed countries.

According to the Mail Online, Russia has 38.7 million cars on the road, but recorded 35,972 traffic-related deaths according to a 2009 World Health Organization report.

By comparison the U.S has 251.4 million cars, but reported 42,642 deaths-barely one-sixth the Russian rate.

The footage from many of these dashboard-mounted cameras showcases just how bad the standard of driving in Russia actually is.

Watch the video below and witness the moment a car becomes airborne on a Russian road

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