Toyota unveils stunning convertible FT-86 Concept

Toyota unveils stunning convertible FT-86 Concept

The GT86 boasts handling prowess, a sleek exterior and a price tag that makes an exhilarating driving experience attainable for those who haven't won the lottery recently.

The only thing it is missing is the option to experience the thrill of the road without a pesky roof getting in the way.
It looks like Toyota will address this problem as the Japanese firm has just unveiled its FT-86 Open Concept, a gorgeous topless version of the GT86.

The brilliant white model will appear at next week's Geneva motor show and it has been constructed to gauge public reaction to an affordable convertible sports car solution.

The external dimensions match those of the coupe, with the fixed hard-top replaced by a multi-layered fabric roof with a glass rear screen.

Inside it has the same 2+2 seating format, with the roof folding down behind the fixed rear seats, with minimal impact on the space available for luggage.

The only unfortunate news is the powerplant remains untouched and one criticism of the GT86 is the 2-litre "boxer" engine can feel slightly underpowered.

Also, the small amount of noise emitted from the exhausts of the coupe version is artificially piped into the cabin and Toyota is yet to reveal whether the FT-86 will feature any similar synthetic aural improvements.

The FT-86 will take pride of place on Toyota's stand at Geneva next week where lucky onlookers can drool over its well-proportioned exterior, chunky alloys and exquisite rear end.

Let's just hope Toyota sees sense and puts this thing into production sharpish... with an equally pleasing price tag.

Toyota FT-86 Open Concept
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Toyota unveils stunning convertible FT-86 Concept
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