Is this Britain's most dangerous corner?

Is this Britain's most dangerous corner?

Terrified home owner Steve Cobbin suffered five car crashes outside his property in just 12 hours.

The family believe they live on the most dangerous bend in Britain as 15 wrecks have happened in the last year.> The latest wave of accidents has seen a young female driver smashing into Cobbin's neighbour's car, spinning into his garden and coming to rest at his front door.

The young lady had to be cut free from her vehicle and she was subsequently taken to hospital but just minutes earlier another woman lost control of her car at exactly the same spot.

The following day saw a further three crashes.

Speaking to The Sun, teacher Steve, 53, said: "In the past few years we've had four cars in our garden, a bus on our wall and a lorry dropped its load of beer."

"We don't go in the garden," he added.

Is this Britain's most dangerous corner?

But Somerset County Council refuted any claim that the stretch of the road was particularly unsafe, saying: "On inspection today no defects or unusual road conditions were found."

The doomed bend is on the A371 at Evercreech in Somerset and Mr Cobbin says he has informed local authorities about the matter but to no avail: "My wife has emailed our MP David Heath about this issue and been onto the county highways agency to do something about this problem."

A spokesman for Devon and Somerset Fire Service said there had been nothing unusual on the road to suggest why the accidents had occurred so frequently in a short space of time.
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