Dutch DJ Afrojack totals Ferrari 458 just hours after buying it

Dutch DJ Afrojack totals Ferrari 458 just hours after buying it

There's nothing wrong with excitedly Tweeting the news that one has just invested in a stunning new Ferrari 458 but it certainly isn't couth to follow that Tweet with an image portraying a mangled version of Maranello's finest.

Dutch DJ Afrojack did exactly that on Wednesday as he took to the social network to firstly brag about his new purchase and secondly, admit to crashing it.> The first Tweet read: "I made a new friend!!" followed by an image of Afrojack (real name Nick van de Wall) posing next to the bright red Ferrari 458.

Just a few hours later, a follow-up Tweet read: "ok that sucks, good thing were (sic) all ok!!!! lesson in life: dont drive a ferrari in sh*t weather!" with a supporting image of the 458 with most of its rear-end hanging off.

Dutch DJ Afrojack totals Ferrari 458 just hours after buying it

There was a fairly rapid response from his followers, with many asking why he looked so pleased with himself in the post-crash photos. Afrojack responded (with rather poor grammar): "For everyone that's asking me why im smiling: its a car, i have a great family and just as great fans!! love all of you!"

The Ferrari is worth around £200,000 but due to popular demand, potential customers have to wait months to get their hands on one.

Nick's final Tweet on the matter humbly admitted: "Have to take rear wheel drive lessons, 458 is a monster compared to the R8!"

The star later revealed Ferrari had sent him a "get well soon package" that included branded headphones and various other gadgets. He also Tweeted a first person image featuring the interior of a Ferrari, stating: "That was quick!". Presumably, the Italian manufacturer rapidly found a suitable replacement for the hapless disc jockey.

This isn't the first time a famous DJ has slipped up behind the wheel. Mixmag reported that Example and Calvin Harris managed to break both a vintage Porsche 911 and a Ferrari BB 512 while filming the video for the single "We'll Be Coming Back".

Maybe high-flying DJs should stick to spinning records.
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