The next big thing in motoring: velvet-covered cars

The next big thing in motoring: velvet-covered cars

Footballers, actors rappers and various other celebrity types already like to personalise their vehicles in a plethora of garish ways.

Many car customising garages up and down the country offer a variety of vinyl wrapping services that allow well-heeled customers to completely alter the exterior (and interior) of their rides in just a few hours.
But one firm based in Houston, Texas is taking car modification to the next level by offering outgoing petrolheads the chance to have their car, van or truck covered in velvet. Yes, velvet.

The company describes their patented product as being "high-quality, self-adhesive vinyl coated with deluxe synthetic fibres. Engineered to be fully waterproof, washable and able to withstand extreme weather conditions, our film can be used to re-style the interior or exterior of your vehicle."

Fans of the fuzzy fabric can take their motor to a registered fitter and, for a substantial fee, have their ride transformed into a tactile attention-grabber.

Velvet Cars says: "The aesthetic and tactile aspects of our film bring an elegance and a style recognized in the world of fashion and design."

We are not sure if we agree but those with a penchant for the exotic will have to head to the Netherlands if they fancy covering their beloved set of wheels in the touchy-feely fabric.

Vermeulen Reclame is the closest wrapping firm to UK customers, so visit their website if you fancy being one of the first prowl the streets of Britain in a velvet-covered car.
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