Budget Easter egg tops blind taste test

Caroline Cassidy

A bargain Easter egg has come out on top in a blind taste test, beating high-priced offerings from the likes of Harrods and Hotel Chocolat.

Cheap chocolate Easter egg wins blind taste test
Cheap chocolate Easter egg wins blind taste test

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The Chokablok American Dreamcake egg, which can be found on the shelves at your local Tesco, took the top spot in Good Housekeeping magazine's Easter Egg of the Year, thanks to its "varying textures, enticing design and value for money".

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Scoring 84 out of 100, the £5 egg was chosen out of 193 chocolate eggs sampled by the publication's tasters as the overall winner, leaving Hotel Chocolat's £70 Half and Half Ostrich Easter Egg and Harrods' Chocolate Brownie and Raspberry Egg, priced at £24.95, trailing in its wake with scores of 80 and 70 respectively.

In the children's category, Marks and Spencer's £6 Colin the Caterpillar egg emerged triumphant, while famed Swiss chocolatier Lindt took the adults title with it £19.99 Heavenly Hazelnut Milk egg.

Marks & Spencer also took the top prize in the sharing category with a selection box of five topped chocolate eggs, available for £10.
Caroline Bloor, consumer director at Good Housekeeping, said: "We've really noticed how Easter eggs - even at the cheaper end of the market - have become far more eye-catching and imaginative over the last couple of years."

She added: "In our tests, cheaper chocolate eggs continue to beat the opposition. So why pay more?"

It seems money can't buy good taste after all.

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