VIDEO: Teen's terrifying ride in Hyundai with 'stuck accelerator'

VIDEO: Teen's terrifying ride in Hyundai with 'stuck accelerator'

Driving a car you can't stop is, arguably, something of a driver's nightmare. Unfortunately for one 16 year old in Texas, that's exactly the situation he found himself in last December.

Stuck behind the wheel of a run-away Hyundai Elantra (a Ford Focus-sized saloon sold in the US), Elez Lushaj had no choice but to hang on for dear life – darting around lanes of traffic at 120mph, unable to stop.
According to the Daily Mail, faced with a "stuck accelerator pedal" Lushaj phoned 911 for help – saying: "I cannot stop. The gas is stuck. I've tried pulling it up. I've tried hitting the brakes. I've tried the [hand brake]."

911 operators went as far as calling a Hyundai dealership for help, but to no avail – the staff unable to come up with a solution. The car eventually crashed spectacularly – leaving the road and flipping four times as Lushaj swerved hard to avoid a large truck. Thankfully Lujash survived without serious injury.

A spokesman for Hyundai suggested to news channel CBS 11 that the chances of both the accelerator jamming and the brakes failing were almost impossible.

"It is extremely unlikely there would be simultaneous and spontaneous failure of the braking, acceleration and transmission all at the same time," said the spokesperson.

"We have never heard from the driver, his family nor their representatives and have not had a chance to inspect the car in order to determine what went on here. We would like to speak with the parties involved and take a look at the car. And we'd like to find out why this hadn't come to our attention for almost three months."

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