Barn-find Mini set to make £10k after 40 years of disrepair

Barn-find Mini set to make £10k after 40 years of disrepair

The way classic – or as AOL Cars editor Baggott would put it, 'proper' – Minis hold their value is a well documented. Some 1990s examples can even reach over £12,000 – pretty impressive when a brand new hatch starts from just over £11,000, one must admit.

It's even more impressive, then, that one particular Mini – pictured above – is up for auction at Bonhams with an estimate of £10,000, despite being more than a little rough around the edges.> That's because this 1959 Morris Mini Minor saloon – reportedly the 15th oldest surviving Mini in the world – hasn't lead the easiest of lives.

Bought 54 years ago, it covered nearly 47,000 miles – until its owner crashed it, that is. Rather than repairing the now very rare Mini though, he simply locked it away in a barn, and there it stayed for an incredible 40 years.

Barn-find Mini set to make £10k after 40 years of disrepair

Understandably then, potential buyers will need to put in more than a bit of elbow grease to get this particular Mini back to a roadworthy state.

"The car will appeal to somebody who fancies a bit of a challenge and who is looking for a good restoration project to get involved with," Rob Hubbard, senior specialist at Bonhams's motor car department told the Daily Mail.

"It represents a wonderful opportunity to acquire an example of one of the 20th century's greatest cars in its earliest and and purest form.

"In its day, the Mini was a trendsetter and it revolutionised the motoring industry in Great Britain in the 1960s. Even today, over 50 years later, people are still obsessed by the cars."

If you do fancy owning one of the earliest examples of the Mini around you'll need to get your skates on – it'll be sold at Bonhams Oxford on March 2.
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