Mistrust in garages is key factor in 10million MOT failures last year

Mistrust in garages is

Over 10million cars failed their MOT last year due to motorists skimping on basic maintenance, a new survey by Halfords has revealed.

Many motorists claim today's technologically advanced cars are daunting so avoid contacting garages for help with known problems, meaning more than one in five motorists surveyed had been hit with a three figure bill come MOT time.
Prices for repairs to ensure a successful MOT pass ranged between £100 and £500, which could have been avoided if owners had sought advice sooner.

But it also appears expensive franchise dealers and a lack of trust with garages means motorists are keen to stay away from workshops.

According to the survey, 30% of car owners would rather hope for the best before an MOT pass as opposed to visiting a garage to keep their cars maintained throughout the year.

"This is then compounded by poor communication from the people with the expertise," said Roy Carlin from Halfords Autocentres.

"More than a quarter of car owners (27%) have previously been left feeling that work that has been recommended in order to pass the MOT was unnecessary.

"We have found some evidence of motorists using the annual MOT as a replacement for regular servicing but this is a false economy because it increases both the risk of potential damage to a vehicle and the likely repairs costs to rectify it."

Out of 26.8million cars that took the MOT test last year, 10.74million (40%) failed and needed repair work before being allowed back on the road.

This figure is 100,000 up on the previous year and more than a million more than in 2009/2010.

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