Clarkson Tweets a dead Russian rodent

Clarkson Tweets a dead Russian rodent

The beauty (or drawback) of Twitter is that the whole world can follow your every movement and in Jeremy Clarkson's case, all 1,349,138 of his followers know he is currently in Russia.

But they probably weren't expecting the first Tweet to surface from the Russian Top Gear Live rehearsals to include a rather disturbing image of what looks like a rodent that has had its head obliterated by something large and heavy.> Clarkson said: "Sadly, some animals were harmed during rehearsals for Top Gear Live in Moscow," followed by the grizzly image of the flattened pest.

It is unknown exactly how the rodent met its maker but the Top Gear Live shows do tend to contain many powerful vehicles driving around a small, enclosed space at high-speeds. Not the safest environment to scurry about in.

The recent image may anger animal rights activists but this isn't the first time the Top Gear presenter will have prompted complaints. An episode of Top Gear that saw Jeremy strap a dead cow to the roof of his car in 2007 garnered 91 public complaints, with 81 people complaining directly to the BBC.

Clarkson Tweets a dead Russian rodent

Jan Creamer, chief executive of Animal Defenders International, said at the time: "In this case, it is not a matter of whether the animals suffered for the programme, but the fact that Top Gear is making light of an activity that is so demeaning to animals."

However, a spokesperson from the BBC was quick to defend the show, saying: "We've had just over 80 complaints about the dead cow on the roof for an audience averaging 6m viewers.

"Viewers are well aware of the type of humour on Top Gear and this was very typical of its irreverent humour. However, no offence was intended."
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