Young people forced off the road by motoring price hikes

Young people forced off the road by motoring price hikes

New research suggests more young people than ever are turning away from driving due to the soaring cost of motoring.

The study carried out by Auto Trader discovered that many motorists are concerned costs including insurance, fuel and tax could double to over £4,500 per year in the next decade.
A total of 71% of people think it will be very difficult for young people to be able to afford a car in the future.

Young people between 17-24-years-old say fewer potential drivers will bother learning to drive.

The survey, which asked 3,500 people for their opinions on the costs of motoring, also revealed many people are preparing to buy a more fuel efficient car. Nearly half the respondents believe they will have to reduce the amount they drive because of the spiralling costs involved, and a whopping 98% feel the Government is not doing enough to help.

The poll also indicates that more people are considering car-sharing over the next ten years to cut costs.

Auto Trader group director Nathan Coe hopes exciting new technology in cars will fire up a new generation of drivers.

"Faced with limited personal finances, a crippling rate of youth unemployment and consistent price hikes to the cost of motoring, the younger generation are most at risk as Britain continues to feel the financial squeeze," he said.

"However, with all the technological advancements and trials currently under way, there is hope for the future of young drivers as our passion for the open road is reignited by a new era of motoring."
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