Video: Car-puccino sets land-speed record for coffee powered car

Car-puccino sets land-speed record for coffee powered car

A British engineer has driven into the record books with a car powered entirely by coffee.

With a Guinness World Record adjudicator standing by, Teeside eco-inventor Martin Bacon buzzed to a new record of 65.5mph in his modified 1989 Ford P100 pick-up.
Christened the 'Bean Machine', the car uses coffee chaff pellets – the waste from coffee production – which are heated in a charcoal fire until they release, amongst other things, hydrogen.

The hydrogen gas is then cooled by an intercooler before being injected into the engine for some caffeinated combustion. The process is called gasification and the modifications required include fitting a large fire-powered gas generator.

Mr Bacon, 42, said: "We're thrilled to have taken the speed record for the fastest car of this kind.

"We got up to 69mph one way and about 63mph the other, so it did okay."

Instead of sitting back with a latte, he now hopes to earn another place in the record books by setting a new record for furthest distance travelled on coffee power alone.

"Any car can run on gasification," said Mr Bacon. "In fact, during the Second World War, there were over 100,000 vehicles in the UK that ran on gasification, including cars, buses and delivery vehicles."

The record breaking project was commissioned by The Co-Operative to mark ten years of selling Fairtrade coffee, and the car and its creator will be touring Co-Operative stores in an effort to teach people about alternative fuel options.

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