A flying visit to the petrol pumps!

A flying visit to the petrol pumps!

Only in Russia would you see a micro glider brimming its tank at a road-side petrol station and only in Russia would it take off from said road as traffic zips past blissfully unaware.

This video, posted on YouTube earlier in the week, shows a pair of wannabe 007s nonchalantly filling up at their local petrol station, paying for their fuel and then taking off from the main road.
Presumably, the benefit of wearing all that protective flying gear is that you can't hear the many bystanders irritatingly ask how many miles per gallon the machine achieves.

This video is just one in a long line of crazy clips to come out of Russia in recent years. The rise in popularity of the dash cam (a camera mounted to the dashboard of a car) has led to many a hapless motoring moment captured on film.

A word of advice: if you're thinking of a Russian driving holiday anytime soon, make sure you have the correct insurance and a large dollop of confidence.

Watch the video below and witness the most stylish petrol station exit you'll see this year

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