Where to spot celebrities in Los Angeles

Where to spot celebrities in Los Angeles

It's no secret that Los Angeles is one of the world's biggest celebrity hotspots. With year-round sunshine, glamorous restaurants and boutiques, plus other stars to hang out with, why would they go anywhere else?

Believe it or not, Hollywood stars don't spend their lives holed up in their mansions and it's easier than you'd think to spot one doing everyday things, like shopping or dining.

Luckily they have their favourite shops, bars and hotels that they return to, increasing your chances of bumping into a celebrity.

If you're looking to do some serious star-stalking on your trip to Los Angeles, you'll want to know where Jessica Alba stops for a morning coffee before a work meeting or which park Gwen Stefani takes Zuma and Kingston to on the weekend.

Whether you fancy indulging in a fancy dinner at Mr Chow or seeing an A-lister for free at Coldwater Canyon Park, we've found LA's top celebrity hangouts.

Discover the best places to spot a star in Beverly Hills, West Hollywood and beyond...

Where to spot the stars in LA
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Where to spot celebrities in Los Angeles

If you love sports and celebrities, you'll want to snap up tickets to an LA Lakers game, where anyone who's anyone will be in the front row. From the Beckhams, Justin Bieber and Charlize Theron to Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, these days all the biggest A-listers are seen at a basketball game and they're doing it in style too. Look out for Rihanna in a pair of killer heels, music's power couple Jay-Z and Beyoncé lovebirds Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel sneaking a kiss or Leonardo DiCaprio out on a boys' night out.

You can't beat the celebrity spotting at Chinese eatery Mr Chow, with everyone from Courteney Cox and Isla Fisher to Woody Allen dining at the A-list hotspot. The upscale Beverly Hills restaurant is said to be one of the only places where showbiz types outnumber regular diners, so there's a jolly good chance you'll be tucking into Peking duck next to a star.

Name a celebrity that hasn't been papped at Los Angeles International Airport. The likes of Jennifer Lawrence, Nicole Kidman and Adele as well as Lady Gaga and Orlando Bloom all need to pass through LAX Airport on a regular basis, whether they're returning home from a work trip or flying in for a glitzy awards ceremony. While many hide in private airline clubs before their flight, they have to collect their luggage from the baggage terminals post-flight, so you may spot a Hollywood actor pulling their own Louis Vuitton luggage from the carousel. The airport doesn't give special preference to celebrities either – so they'll have to wait in line at security and maybe even take off their shoes, just like the rest of us!

This Beverly Hills hotel is the epitome of Hollywood glamour, style and elegance – and the stars love it. Angelina Jolie even once moved into the luxury Four Seasons Hotel Los Angeles while her LA home was being renovated. When they're not checking in at the hotel you'll find celebs, like Katy Perry and John Mayer, enjoying an al-fresco lunch at Italian restaurant Culina. The hotel also regularly hosts film promotions, celebrity parties and fundraising events, when you're sure to spot a star.

American celebrities are big coffee drinkers and this means you only have to spend a few dollars on a hot drink to bump into one. Actors are often seen at LA's coffee shops stopping for a hot drink and snack on their way to meetings with their agents. Jessica Alba, Selma Blair and Amanda Seyfried are all fans of Urth Caffe on Melrose Avenue, while Ashton Kutcher, Mila Kunis and Renee Zellweger have been spotted at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf on Sunset Boulevard. Starbucks is also popular among the stars and you could find yourself standing in line with Britney Spears, Ben Affleck or Matthew Morrison at a Los Angeles store.

Even though they're showered with freebies, the celebs still like to shop and super-trendy Melrose Avenue is where you'll spot them carrying designer shopping bags. Ultra-hip boutique Fred Segal attracts more A-listers than you can shake a stick at, with Victoria Beckham, Gwyneth Paltrow, Samuel L. Jackson, Madonna and George Clooney all fans of the elite store. Designer boutiques Chloé and Marc Jacobs on Melrose Place are also celeb favourites and during Oscar week you may see a few actors popping in for last-minute fittings.

Ever wanted your children to play with Gwen Stefani's boys Zuma and Kingston or Heidi Klum's kids Leni, Henry, Lou and Johan? Beverley Hills hotspot Coldwater Canyon Park is the place to run into Hollywood stars and their children. Look out for Halle Berry and Nahla on the swings, Becks and his boys playing football on the grass or Milla Jovovich and daughter Ever on the slides. The rich and famous tend to go to the park over the weekends too, so it makes for a perfect spot to relax on a Sunday and stalk some stars!

The Grove is a hotspot for meeting celebs at its array of outdoor restaurants and boutiques, which fill the huge space. It's a true favourite of the locals too so you can steal a glimpse of how LA's residents like to spend their time. Natalie Portman has been spotted with her son, Aleph, Kim Kardashian has been seen in Zara, Cameron Diaz in Anthropologie and Brad Pitt, David Schwimmer and Steve Martin are fans of the American cuisine at The Farm of Beverly Hills. While at the Grove, look out for Mario Lopez, he fronts the daily celeb chat show 'Extra', you never know you could always have a 'chance encounter'. Watch out for paparazzi as they are usually around when they get a celeb tip off!

The Ivy on Robertson Boulevard, with its white picket fence and ivy-covered exterior, has a huge celeb - and paaparazzi - following. Jennifer Love Hewitt, Brad Pitt, the Osbournes and Jennifer Lopez have all had al-fresco lunches at the cute country cottage. The Ivy has also starred in a few films, including The Bodyguard and Get Shorty. The celeb haunt offers an American menu with an emphasis on Cajun specialties and good desserts.

Robert Pattinson, Scarlet Johansson and Dita Von Teese are just some of the stars who frequent this exclusive hangout near the Sunset Strip. It's so popular among celebrities that Sofia Coppola gave Chateau Marmont a starring role in her film Somewhere, about an actor living with the trappings of stardom. The hotel's bar has been frequented by the likes of Johnny Depp and Winona Ryder, while Lindsay Lohan, Christina Ricci and Jude Law have been spotted in the lobby. If you're looking for an A-list stay, the Chateau offers 63 super-stylish bedrooms, suites and bungalows, ranging from $435 to $4,600 per night. But if your budget doesn't stretch to this, you can relax with a drink in the old Hollywood-style Bar Marmont.

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