Couple move more than the earth as steamy clinch behind wheel ends in disaster

Couple move more than the earth as steamy clinch behind wheel ends in disaster

A Florida woman has an interesting insurance claim to make after her car careered into a house while she "got a little amorous" with her boyfriend behind the wheel.

The 2007 Hyundai ploughed through two rooms with such force that it blew out windows and shattered walls, presumably ruining the moment somewhat.
Although Asia Walker received minor injuries from falling debris after getting out the car, incredibly neither Walker nor her boyfriend Charles Phillips were badly hurt in the crash.

Pictures taken after the incident show furniture and debris scattered around the house and a hole punched through to the back garden by the out of control car on Continental Drive, Florida.

The house was fortunately empty at the time.

A neighbour told local news "there was a bang-bang" and said he rushed to phone police as he thought the car might explode.

Walker, 30, confessed to police that she probably didn't have two hands on the wheel shortly before the early morning smash.

Police stated: "She told the investigating trooper that her and the boyfriend were getting a little amorous and the trooper suspects that's probably why she lost control of the vehicle.

"We always recommend drivers keep both hands on the wheel and pay attention and be focused on their driving so that something like this doesn't happen."

Walker has been charged with careless driving, and taken to hospital with minor cuts and bruises.

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