Drag racer survives 300mph fireball

Drag racer survives 300mph fireball

Reigning Top Fuel drag racing champion Antron Brown thanked his lucky stars after walking away from a 300mph wreck on Sunday.

The engine of his 10,000 horsepower dragster exploded as he crossed the finish line at Pomona, California, sending his car spinning into the barriers.
Despite the fireball smashing into the concrete several times before coming to rest in the gravel, the car's enclosed cockpit canopy protected Brown from harm.

The canopy, which was only introduced last year, meant he was able to walk away to race another day.

Because of the huge speeds involved, Top Fuel dragsters only race over 1,000 feet, rather than the traditional 1,320 feet, or quarter-mile.

However, these supercharged monsters still reach speeds of over 330mph in around 3.8 seconds before pulling the parachutes.

Watch the amazing video below and see the drama unfold

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