Banksy mural ripped off wall and up for sale

Banksy mural

A Banksy mural has shown up in a US art auction. The mural in question was on the side of a Poundland shop in Wood Green in London. It showed a small boy sewing Union Jack bunting in a sweat shop. It was thought to be a comment on the Diamond Jubilee.

The art was covered with acrylic to protect it, and it became a local tourist attraction. But after scaffolding was erected around the site, the mural disappeared - and showed up online.

The sale

Poundland confirmed to the Guardian that it didn't own the building and it hadn't removed the artwork.

Fine Art Auctions Miami, which is handling the sale, told The Sun it was being sold by a collector who had signed a contract to confirm everything was 'above board'.

It is expected to sell for at least £450,000.


A local MP is leading calls for its return. Alan Strickland, Labour Councillor for Noel Park & Cabinet Member for Economic Development and Social Inclusion in Haringey, has started a press campaign.

He has appeared in newspapers and on TV around the world. He tweeted: "Pls RT. Save our Banksy from sale. Let's all email art company auctioning it on Tell them to withdraw it from auction."

He is garnering support on Twitter, including from MEP Claude Moraes who said: "Did Banksy want his art stolen by greedy art dealers or defaced across London. Bring this one back to Haringey." Haringey Council meanwhile tweeted: "Turnpike Lane's Banksy had become a much-loved local landmark. The community wants it back! ‪#givebackBanksy‬".

The question is who owns these artworks? The artist? The community? Or the person who owns the wall? What do you think? Let us know in the comments.

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Banksy mural ripped off wall and up for sale

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