Prince Charles considers £300k bulletproof Beemer

Prince Charles considers bulletproof Beemer

Charles and Camilla are considering upgrading their limo to a £300,000 BMW that features bulletproof glass and other James Bond-esque gadgetry.

The big BMW costs around £95,000 new but the addition of a removable bulletproof windshield and an emergency exit in this bespoke number send the price tag soaring.
Scotland Yard is currently testing the armoured vehicle before they commit to purchase but the decision has been made after Charles and Camilla's previous limo had its windows smashed by student fees demonstrators in 2010.

The angry mob chanted "Off with their heads" while pelting the car with paint and bottles.

According to The Mirror, Ex-head of royal protection Dai Davies said its planned use "marks a recognition that after the disaster of the attack during the student riots, proper care is being taken to ensure the royal couple are secure".

The BMW 760 features a monstrous V12 engine that utilises twin-turbocharging technology to whisk the luxury cruiser to 62mph from standstill in just 4.6 seconds. Perfect for a quick get away from baying crowds.

The interior can be specified with all manner of comfortable options, including seats with a massage function, individual air conditioning and even DVD players for rear occupants.

But Labour MP John Spellar said instead of choosing BMW, "police bureaucrats" should support British carmakers and go for a Jaguar.

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