Passenger banned from Easyjet flight after bomb 'joke'

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Passenger banned from Easyjet fight after 'bomb' joke
Passenger banned from Easyjet fight after 'bomb' joke

A man who made a joke about a bomb was barred from boarding an Easyjet flight at London Luton Airport on Friday.

Brian McColghan, 64, from Northamptonshire, was barred from his flight to Lisbon after making a remark when he could not check his luggage in early.

He explained to BBC Three Counties Radio: "I said, 'if there was a bomb in [my case] I would blow myself up'.

"It was a joke."

He said he was told he was not allowed to use that word, and that security would be called if he uttered it again.

The retired hospital porter said he apologised but soon after he was quested by two policemen who took his passport.

He said a security guard told him he "would not be travelling with Easyjet again", and that he had to leave the airport.

Mr McColghan added: "To be told in my own country I can't use a word in the English dictionary - it's nonsense."

Easyjet said he "had not been banned for life", but confirmed a man was denied boarding following a comment made about a bomb.

According to the BBC, a statement from the airline read: "The safety and security of its passengers and crew is Easyjet's highest priority.

"We take comments seriously and report them to the police where necessary."

A spokesperson from the airport said passengers "making threats or exhibiting threatening behaviour " would be removed from the premises.

A statement said: "Airport security is of paramount importance and is essential in protecting passengers and staff from malicious harm, crime, terrorism and other threats."

The airline certainly does take security seriously. Back in November, a grandmother told how she was refused permission to board her Easyjet flight home from Spain after "touching a flight attendant's arm to get her attention".

Janet Kirby, 62, says she was stranded in Spain after being stopped at the gate at Murcia Airport - where she was waiting to fly home from a holiday in Alfaix, Mojacar, with her sister, Carol - and told her luggage would not fit in the overhead lockers.

She was told her bag would have to be put in the hold but, when she saw other passengers boarding with even bigger bags, she attempted to get the female flight attendant's attention after being repeatedly ignored.

The airline saw it differently, and accused Mrs Kirby of assaulting the staff member by twisting her arm, reported the Daily Mail.

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