Lazy motorists kick the bucket... and sponge

Lazy motorists kick the bucket... and sponge

Almost eight out of ten British motorists are too lazy to wash their own car, according to a recent survey carried out by car leasing firm Central Contracts.

Despite the tightening of purse strings across the country, more people are taking their vehicle to a hand car wash service rather than washing it at home.
In the poll, 78% of owners admitted they preferred having their car washed by someone else. 69% of men would avoid the task, while 90% of women wouldn't wash their own car.

The excuses given ranged from having a busy lifestyle, finding the chore boring and simply being too lazy. Some men, however, took a different view, seeing the task as a weekend leisure activity.

A generation gap has also emerged, with those aged between 21-35 more likely to pay for the service rather than do it themselves.

Many respondents highlighted the growing number of hand car wash outlets that provide a good service for a reasonable price, in many cases doing a better job than they could manage with a bucket and sponge at home.

The price for having the car washed by someone else varied between £3 and £25, with the average being £7.

A female respondent commented: "I'll never wash my vehicle because I prefer to take it to a car wash centre. For me it's just another job that needs completing and unlike my husband I don't have all day."

A spokesperson for car leasing firm Central Contracts, who conducted the survey, said: "I am surprised to see how many people do not wash their cars and prefer to pay to have it cleaned. It is interesting to see that the younger generation are more inclined to avoid washing their vehicles and it is rather disappointing to see."

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