A third of drivers regret their latest car purchase

Caroline Cassidy

If you've recently bought a car that is proving less than reliable, you are not alone. According to a new survey, nearly a third of UK drives have regrets about their latest purchase.

Brits regret their latest car purchase
Brits regret their latest car purchase

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The poll of 1,388 motorists, by Which?, revealed that 31 per cent had regrets about buying their latest car because the vehicle turned out to be faulty.

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A further 16 per cent were left out of pocket because their shiny new motor cost considerably more at the fuel pumps than they had expected, and nine per cent admitted they wish they had trusted their gut instinct during the buying process.

Unfortunately for 10 per cent of Brits, there was little they could do about losing their money, as depreciation immediately knocked down the value of their purchase.

However, it seems a sizeable proportion of motorists have only themselves to blame for their regrets. Some 13 per cent confessed that they hadn't done enough research before buying a car, with eight per cent neglecting to check for mechanical problems or worn tyres.

And six per cent admitted they hadn't bothered to check the service history or take their potential new motor for a test drive.
A spokesman for consumer watchdog Which? told the Daily Mail: "A car is one of the most expensive things many of us will buy so our advice is to do your homework to avoid ending up with an unreliable vehicle that could leave you out of pocket.

"Drivers should check out Which?'s independent survey to compare car makes and models. The basic details of any potential purchase, like MOT status, can also be verified on the DVLA website."

Do you have regrets about your latest car, or are you meticulous in your pre-buying research? Leave your comments below...