Top five beefy cars with plenty of horse...power

Top five beefy cars with plenty of horse...power

If you've been keeping up with the news recently, you might have noticed that there's been a bit of a fuss kicked up about frozen ready meals.

As it turns out, a number of the plastic-wrapped, microwave-friendly 'beef' dinners on sale actually contained an alarming percentage of horse.
Here at AOL Cars, we'll admit that we're not the biggest fans of such produce. As delicious as we're sure a warmed-through £1.39 lasagne is likely to be, we'd rather give our hard earned cash to the local chippy.

Still, the headlines did give us a few ideas. See, if there's one thing we do love, it's cars with a bit of added muscle. Anything from 134bhp 'warm' hatchbacks like the Suzuki Swift Sport, all the way to 500bhp monsters like the BMW M5 and Mercedes E63 AMG – we can't get enough of them.

With that in mind, and rather than moaning about which meal has the most misplaced DNA, we thought it might be nice to celebrate the products that are actually proud to contain more equine power than it says on the label.

So, here you go: Five 'ordinary' cars with plenty of added BHP.

Top five beefy cars with added horse...power
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Top five beefy cars with plenty of horse...power

The 560bhp BMW M5 had to be in this list really, didn't it? Something of an icon when it comes to sports saloons and now in its 900th iteration (probably), it's still widely regarded as one of, if not the best muscly saloon money can buy. 

We're still mourning the old ST's roaring 2.5-litre Volvo engine, but 247bhp from the new two-litre 'Ecoboost' one does help the healing process just a bit. We like. 

We were torn between this and the Range Rover Sport to represent crazy-SUVs, but the clearly mad G 63 did just win. With 544bhp pumped through the chassis of a car that once rivalled the Land Rover Defender for speed, the G 63 truly is a wolf in sheep farmer's clothing. 

Ok, so 130-something BHP isn't enough to set the world alight – in fact it's barely enough to move a Ford Mondeo – but in the light and buzzy Swift it's plenty to have fun. One of the most overlooked 'warm' hatches on sale. We love it. 

The Octavia vRS is another one of our favourites. Again, just under 200bhp isn't a massive amount of power, but with so much sportiness for the price of a diesel Passat, who cares!

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