Sloth enjoys a ride on a speedboat

Sloth enjoys a ride on a speedboat

Sloths aren't known for their love of speed and adventure - they are, after all, the world's slowest animal.

But when a sloth fell free a tree in the Amazon and landed on a speedboat, he certainly appeared to enjoy the ride.

Sloth enjoys a ride on a speedboat

The New York Daily News reports that, according to YouTube user Patrick Verreth, the sloth spent several minutes looking disorientated when he landed in the boat, before stretching out his arms, throwing back his head and enjoying the breeze.

Sloths spend most of their time handing from trees in the Central and South American rainforests. They sleep for 15-20 hours each days and are so slow that sometimes algae can grow on their fur.

Click on the image below to watch footage of the sloth's adventure:

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