'Dozens' of rabbits attack cars at Denver Airport

'Dozens' of rabbits attack cars at Denver Airport

Rabbits are causing thousands of dollars worth of damage at Denver Airport, by hiding under parked cars and chewing through ignition cables and other wiring.

Sky News reports that wildlife workers are removing at least 100 rabbits each month, and parking companies are now building better fences and perches for predator hawks and eagles to try to control the population of bunnies.

Airport shuttle driver Michelle Anderson told US news channel KCNC-TV: "I see at least dozens every morning. They go hide under the cars and the cars are warm."

However, TIME reports that airport spokeswoman Laura Coale says that just three claims were submitted for rodent or rabbit damage in 2012, and none of these caused such significant damage that the cars needed to be towed.

Fortunately, there is a solution: local mechanics advise that car owners should buy fox or coyote urine from hunting shops and use it to to coat the wires, as this will keep wary rabbits at bay.

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