Nearly half of British drivers find road signs distracting

Nearly half of Brits find road signs distracting

New research released by insurance specialists has revealed that the vast majority of British drivers don't understand many road signs they come across on a daily basis.

The more worrying statistic is the fact over three quarters of those responding to the survey think that distraction caused by these road signs could be dangerous.
Nearly a third (30%) of drivers admit to having had either a crash, bump or near miss because of a confusing road sign.

A shocking 93% of respondents didn't recognise the sign for "no vehicles except bikes being pushed" which has led to carrying out an online survey to find out which road sign is the most pointless.

With these statistics in mind, it may not come as a surprise to hear that the Department of Transport reports we have around 9,000 redundant road signs that need to be revised. Four out of five (82%) Brits agree with the Government's plans, with over 40% of us believing that the public should vote for which signs are reviewed.

Nearly a quarter (23%) of Brits feel that road signs aren't useful, and more than half (52%) of us feel confident enough driving without the need for "roadside furniture".

Gareth Kloet, Head of Car Insurance at says: "Our research suggests that many accidents are actually caused by redundant or perplexing road signs. It is clear that the Government needs to do a better job in educating people on what road signs mean in order to improve road safety. Any accidents caused because of distracting road signs will affect car insurance premiums, which will in turn cost the consumer more money."

Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin has called for the government to cull unnecessary road signs that are cluttering the countryside.

The Department for Transport is currently revising its "Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions", which should see a road sign clear-out happen as early as 2014.
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