Krispy Kreme store opening causes traffic chaos in Edinburgh


The things people will do for a free doughnut... There was rush hour commuter chaos in Edinburgh on Friday as Krispy Kreme opened its first store in Scotland - and gave away free treats to celebrate.

The traffic jams at the launch of the new drive-thru in Hermiston Gait retail centre
got so bad that staff had to alert police about the mile-long tailbacks, according to the Daily Mail.

There were more than 300 people ready and waiting for the store to open at 7am, and staff served the famously tasty doughnuts to 400 customers in the first hour alone - an all-time record for the chain.

But nobody was quite as eager as super-fan Ben Esterson, 33, who received the Krispy Kreme goldcard – allowing him a free double dozen every month for a year – after camping out overnight.

Mr Esterson told the Scotsman: "I've been a big fan of Krispy Kreme since they launched in the UK and I have been waiting for Krispy Kreme to come to Scotland for so long. When they announced they were opening this Edinburgh store, I just had to come along. Two years ago I was the first person in the Wales store, so I couldn't not be the first in Scotland as well."

Judith Denby, chief marketing officer at Krispy Kreme UK, said: "There's been a long-standing demand for a store in Scotland from our loyal Scottish fans, so we're delighted to have opened a store here and have such a great opening morning.

"There's been great anticipation for this opening and the reception we have received today is overwhelming."

Ms Denby added: "We have made Edinburgh police aware of the traffic congestion caused by queuing for the car park and will continue to monitor it."

No gags about 'jam doughnuts', please...

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